Why I decided to start a soap-making business

Why I decided to start a soap-making business

I love soap.  I love making soap.  I love how handcrafted soap smells, how it feels, and I love knowing exactly what is in my soap.  This is one of the reasons why I started my company, Front Yard Homestead Soap.  You may be wondering what makes someone decide to make soap when it is so readily available at the store?

I started making soap years ago because I wanted to give away a handcrafted gift.  I was really into the Homesteading lifestyle, even though I am not a Homesteader (not because I don’t want to be, but because I don’t have the space or the money… yet).  I thought making soap was a great way to be more self-reliant - and it would be an easy giftable idea.

I started with Melt-and-Pour soap.  I don’t even remember where I got the kit now, but it was super easy.  You just melt your base and then add your colors and fragrances and pour into a mold.  Super simple for a beginner.  Then I packaged it all pretty and it was done! 

After a ton of research, and purchasing all the initial supplies, my next project was a cold processed soap that I made for my husband.  I added essential oils to it and it was successful, but at the time it felt like a lot of work.  Fast forward several years later and we still have some bars of that soap… 


It was several years between those two initial soap-making experiences and when I picked it up again in 2022.  I have done a lot of research and scoured other soap makers’ blogs and you-tube channels and have really delved into the world of soap-making.  I love the combination of chemistry and creativity that provides un-ending potential to make amazing products.


This blog will take you along on the highs and lows of being a soap-maker, and not just a soap-maker - I also make body butter, sugar scrub, solid shampoo and conditioner bars and lip balm.  I’m also exploring the world of liquid soap and plan to introduce body washes and hand soaps to my line.   

I still have a full time job, and run my soap business part time.  But my dream is that eventually my soap business can become my full time job.  I can’t wait to take you along on my journey!

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